Bluesky Furled Leader,


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Bluesky Furled Tapered Leader,StillWater Medium-6 to 8 wt
Since introducing BlueSky Furled Leaders, thousands have been sold worldwide.

Our leaders are used by top guides and have been praised in fly fishing publications such as Fly Rod & Reel and Flyfisher.

BlueSky Furled Leaders have also been recognized “Best of the Best” by Fish Alaska magazine.

We regularly advertise in Fly Fisher, TU, Fly Fishing & Tying Journal, Fly Rod & Reel, American Angler, Fish and Fly, Fly Tier, Saltwater Fly Fishing and California Fly Fisher.

BlueSky Furled Tapered Leaders offer superior casting performance and presentation not possible with ordinary tapered “mono” or braided leaders.

Add to this their proven durability – leader life is often measured in seasons, not hours or days.

All BlueSky leaders are handcrafted and are pre-looped to attach to the fly line.

Specially designed for distance & presentation.


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