Emergency Vehicle Wrap


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This specialist high-definition Wrap is used as the highly reflective safety trim used on vehicles by many Police Forces and Emergency Services throughout Europe.  It features advanced multi-layer reflection technology, which allows it to reflect at multiple angles unlike holographic for example.  This material has some superb uses for fly-tying due to the way it reflects light.  Try tying great bloodworms and buzzers or tube flies with it!  It’s also highly durable as it’s designed for outdoor use.
Due to the high-cost of this specialist product, we have cut it down into affordable cards of 95mm x 75mm size (the same size as our H.D Quill cards) and is ample for tying dozens of flies.








Eggstasy BLOB is a new, larger 15mm version of the original eggstasy and is custom made for tying blob patterns.

Eggstasy Blob is


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